Shrimati Radhabai Dasharath Hiray Bahu-Uddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha Multi-Purpose Trust was started by Jagannath Dasrath Hiray with a motto to undertake many social activities for the development and upliftment of rural population.

Social Initiatives

Health Check Camp
We undertake health check-up camps in rural areas. Under this campaign, we provide free health check-ups and diagnosis to people. We also provide guidance to ill-people for further treatment.

Blood Donation Camps:
We organize blood donation camps in villages. Under this campaign, we spread the awareness of importance of blood donation.

Tree Plantation Rally:
Under this rally, we try to spread the awareness among people of importance of trees in our ecosystem. We provide plants to rural people and try to inspire people to plant more and more trees.

Annual Gathering Function:
We organise annual gathering function in our school in which all the people from villages are invited to attend the function and see the growth of rural children. We provide dance training to school students and motivate them to participate in this event. Because of this function, people can see the skills and talent hidden in their children which in turn spread the awareness about importance of education. This function helps student to increase their confidence and enhance their hidden skills and talents.

Education Initiative
J. D. Hiray Knowledge School, an english medium school was started was also started under this trust as an initiative to uplift and enhance the rural children thus providing them a platform to educate grow and develop their knowledge & skills.

Water Supply in drought facing areas:
We also undertake the responsibility to provide water to villages which face drought-condition because of poor rain. We have provided drinking water to people by means of water tankers.

Sports Activities:
We organize sports competitions in which sports persons from all over Nashik District participate. The sports include kabaddi, kick boxing, cricket, etc. We organize these sports as per the age of participants.

J. D. Hiray Samajik Pratishthan:
Under this, we provide information about various government schemes to rural people and also provide the actual benefit under these schemes to rural people. We provide this guidance and benefit for free of cost. Rural people don’t have any idea about these schemes because of which they can’t take the benefits. We educate them and provide all the help to people so that the benefit which government has made available by means of various schemes reaches to rural people. Few examples of such schemes are “Shravan Bal Vrudha Pension Yojana”, “Sanjay Gandhi Vidhava Pension Yojana”, etc.

J. D. Hiray Public Library:
We have a library for rural people which helps in providing knowledge and importance of reading in youngsters.


We have a gymnasium for youngsters. It specially helps those youngsters who are planning for police and military services.

Benefits of these activities to people:
The rural people are getting all the help and benefits because of our campaigns. We are trying to spread awareness of importance of education, plantation and our culture in the rural society of people. The next generation is flourishing with overall growth, knowledge, skills and confidence. Our programs are helping people to grow their standard of living by inducing basic knowledge and awareness in people.